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Got runny nose? May b chances are high that your nose is quicker than falls, one could not be able to do their routine works. These viruses are very fast in moving from one person to other. Read about how to get rid of a stuffy nose in our website

Dog Cold: 5 Home Remedies That Work – Runny Nose in dogs treatment

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When your dog has a runny nose, it is important to provide him with proper care, and there are home remedies that can help him. Be aware that the symptoms of a dogs cold can be synonymous with other diseases. So it is very important to have a veterinarian first to make sure it’s just a cold, not something more serious.

If your veterinarian says that home care is the best way to go, here are some easy remedies to cure the dog’s cold.

Runny nose and Pregnancy: Top 10 Remedies for Pregnant Women

Runny noses and pregnancies are generally not the best friends in the world. You have caught a cold and you are pregnant? Do not panic, here is a list of home remedies, natural and safe to cure a runny nose during pregnancy.

1. Sleep with the inclined head

Sleep with the inclined head
Sleeping with the inclined head allows for better breathing

Sleeping much is an essential thing to do during pregnancy. However, with the nose blocked, it is sometimes not easy to spend good nights.

Blood from the nose – epistaxis, Tips for preventing nosebleeds

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Firstly start with the Causes of Nose Bleeding types.

Also called Runny Nose, or simply nosebleeds, epistaxis can occur without apparent cause (essential nosebleeds) or as a symptom of local or general affection (secondary nosebleeds).

Most of the time, especially in younger patients, the bleeding is due to spontaneous rupture of the small vessels of the nasal mossy, as a result of irritation or minor injuries (common cold , clumsy maneuvers with your fingers, rhinitis , typical hormonal changes of puberty and so on.)

Recognize Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

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When it comes to recognizing the symptoms of a heart attack, women may have some difficulty. So what should they know?

The classic signs

The classic signs of a heart attack as they usually appear in men include:

  • Pain that crushes the chest.
  • Pain that radiates in the neck, shoulders and jaw.
  • Shortness of breath and sensation of empty head.
  • Nausea and vomiting.

Admittedly, these symptoms of heart attack can occur in women. However, a heart problem in them usually appears more gradually, and with symptoms that can be related to other things.

How to Whiten the Skin Naturally

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There are different types of dyed:

  • Pale or whiteness.
  • Healthy redness, reddish complexion.
  • Yellowish color.
  • Dark complexion
  • Black skin.

The color of the skin varies mainly due to the original gene and is associated with the intensity of the sun. The melanin, absorbing the sun’s ultraviolet rays, regulates the amount of ultraviolet radiation that penetrates the skin.

How to reduce wrinkles around the eyes

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Having wrinkles around the eyes is always unpleasant as it is one of the first signs of aging.

With age, the e Collagen and elastin are depleted in the skin loses its firmness and elasticity resulting in wrinkles. Excessive exposure to UV rays from the sun also causes these wrinkles around the eyes.

You can mitigate or even remove eye wrinkles by applying the following tips:

Types of Eye Twitching, Irritation & their natural Home remedies

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An infection of the eye is caused by different types of problems. While eye irritation may be due to several reasons, there are common reasons, such as infection due to bacteria, viruses or the presence of a foreign body. People wearing contact lenses are more prone to eye infections due to the presence of bacteria.

Some of the common symptoms of eye irritation are constant itching, photophobia, swelling of the eyes, tearing, and blurred vision, redness of the eye, yellow or green discharge, eye irritation and pain.

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