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Stop a Runny Nose

Stop a Runny Nose
A runny nose is an awful experience for young or adults; one could not be able to do their routine works. These viruses are very fast in moving from one person to other. Read about how to get rid of a stuffy nose in our website

Runny nose and Pregnancy: Top 10 Remedies for Pregnant Women

Runny noses and pregnancies are generally not the best friends in the world. You have caught a cold and you are pregnant? Do not panic, here is a list of home remedies, natural and safe to cure a runny nose during pregnancy.

1. Sleep with the inclined head

Sleep with the inclined head
Sleeping with the inclined head allows for better breathing

Sleeping much is an essential thing to do during pregnancy. However, with the nose blocked, it is sometimes not easy to spend good nights.

10 Tips to Treat Colds in Children

Your child has a big cold?

Children regularly get colds. And of course, the same ways of relieving them will not necessarily be used for adults.

If your child has a cold and you want him to feel better by looking after him, here are some tips. Here are 10 tips to treat colds in a children

10 Tips to Stop a Cold – Before its Start

Think you start a little cold?

Colds usually takes us by surprise and it was not long that very quickly felt the first symptoms. At that time, it would be a good time to try to stop the virus that takes more lives in itself.

You want to act quickly? So here 10 tips to stop a cold start!

6 ways to find the fatal weapon to Treat a Cold Naturally

Choosing the remedy

The Emotional Trail for Treating a Cold

You may have managed to escape the cold this autumn as soon as the cold was felt. It’s not my case. It had been about three years since I had not rushed to the pharmacy to treat a cold.

I was quite proud of my immune system for several years and then these are the symptoms that come out one evening:

My Favorites

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Blood from the nose – epistaxis, Tips for preventing nosebleeds

Firstly start with the Causes of Nose Bleeding types. Also called Runny Nose, or simply nosebleeds, epistaxis can occur without apparent cause (essential nosebleeds) or as...