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A home Inhaler to Fight against Colds and flu – Essential oils

Is that the idea of making your own inhaler make you nervous? Don’t worry, this is normal, this is not something that you’re used to seeing every day either. It is a tool that is no bigger than a tube of lipstick, but that will make life easier and bring you huge benefits. This is not something that you are going to breathe orally directly (even if it is to this that we think with the word), this is something that you will wear in your nose and that you are going to feel.

How to stay productive when you are sick

You have a very important project at work this week, and the deadline is near. You work overtime, you hardly sleep anymore, and to top it off, before you are given this task, you are sick like a dog.

It’s a nightmare scenario, but you’ve surely already lived once in your life. You are too sick to work, but still caught up in an important project that cannot be overlooked. So what can you do?

6 ways to find the fatal weapon to Treat a Cold Naturally

Choosing the remedy

The Emotional Trail for Treating a Cold

You may have managed to escape the cold this autumn as soon as the cold was felt. It’s not my case. It had been about three years since I had not rushed to the pharmacy to treat a cold.

I was quite proud of my immune system for several years and then these are the symptoms that come out one evening:

Cure a Cold Naturally with these Natural Remedies

Cura a Cold with natural remedies

It’s official: the cursed period of winter viruses is back, and you’ve surely already seen many packets of tissues around you.

Basic viral colds do not really have a medical solution, apart from rest and possibly decongestants (for 3 days max under pain of irritation of the mucosa), or analgesics / antipyretics (against fever) like paracetamol, Which relieve the most unpleasant symptoms punctually. The “anti-colds” treatments, for their part, are not necessarily recommendable .

Infant and young Child Cold, relieve it by Homeopathy

Infant and young child cold, relieve it by homeopathy

What is homeopathy?

Colds are very common in infants and children; While an average adult spends 2 to 4 per year, an infant can have up to 10 per year and a preschool child up to 8 per year.

While waiting for the doctor, and in the absence of any sign of complication: fever, behavioral disorders, decreased appetite …, it is quite possible to approach the cold of the infant or the young child by homeopathy.

Attention: 6 Ingredients to avoid when you are Sick

Attention: 6 ingredients to avoid when you are sick

Sour food

It irritates the already irritated mucous membranes and can further strengthen the symptoms of the disease. These foods include all citrus fruits, including oranges.

10 Natural Home Remedies for Treating Allergic Rhinitis

10 natural remedies for treating allergic rhinitis



People suffer from various types of allergic problems. There can be many reasons for the formation of an allergy in humans. Allergic rhinitis is a type of reaction that is mainly due to hyperactivity of the human body. When a person inhales something bad, the body’s immune system reacts to a high degree and causes the release of chemicals known to be allergic rhinitis. Grass pollen is the main cause of the formation of allergic rhinitis, also commonly called hay fever.

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Hay fever, an epidemic disease of Allergic Rhinitis

Allergy to pollen is not new. Already in the 5th century BC, Hippocrates had already identified the occurrence of seasonal illnesses like the common cold...