Home Remedies for Sinus Infection | Sinusitis Infection

remedies for sinus infection

Lifestyle Tips, Recipes, and Home Remedies for Sinus Infection

The symptoms of sinus infection are more annoying and stressful than life-threatening, that is why it isn’t uncommon for many to seek home remedies for sinus infection. Thankfully, there are a number of simple ways and practices that can be done at home to prevent and even cure sinus infection. In this article, we list some lifestyle tips, recipes, and home remedies for sinus infection, which you can use at home. Continue reading “Home Remedies for Sinus Infection | Sinusitis Infection”

Top 5 Causes of Sinus Pain | Sinus Infection Expert

sinus pain causes

There are many things that you need to understand first before you seek any treatment to alleviate sinus pain. Just like any health problem, you need to equip yourself with information in order to get the right treatment. Why? You might be using the wrong treatments that could lead to health complications. You do not want this to happen of course. Read on to know more about the top five causes of sinus pain. Continue reading “Top 5 Causes of Sinus Pain | Sinus Infection Expert”

Sinus Infections | Facts about Sinusitis | How to Deal With It

Facts about Sinusitis and How to Deal With It

Sinusitis infection is the inflammation/swelling of the lining of sinuses and is associated with viral infections. This inflammation can block the passages in the sinuses where slimy fluid (mucus) is produced to keep the nose moistened. It is painful when mucus starts to pile up in the nasal openings because of the increased pressure inside them. An acute sinusitis infection (caused by allergies) can last up to 3 weeks while chronic sinus infection (usually caused by the viral and bacterial infections) can last up to 10 weeks. Acute Sinusitis is very common, affecting 1 every 10 people around the world each year. The overall feeling of having a sinusitis is like having a runny and stuffy nose and headache combined. Continue reading “Sinus Infections | Facts about Sinusitis | How to Deal With It”

7 Popular Methods of Treatment for Sinus Infection

Treatment for Sinus Infection

If you are one of the millions of people all around the globe constantly fighting various sinus infections symptoms, you are probably looking for ways to beat sinusitis once and for all. Or maybe you are just fed up with eating antibiotics for sinus infection day after day and it only seems to do more harm than good, killing all the bacteria, good or bad, in your body. If you do, you will probably be glad to hear about 7 ways of treatment for a sinus infection and try them out yourself. Continue reading “7 Popular Methods of Treatment for Sinus Infection”

5 Most Common Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms

5 Most Common Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms

When it comes to very common conditions that most people would like to avoid, sinusitis should make the top list. Many of us have already felt what sinusitis is and how excruciatingly painful and unpleasant it can be. In fact, at least 37 million people every year fall victim to sinusitis and have to live with this condition for the several days that it lasts. But several days is not as bad when you compare it with having to live with chronic sinusitis. What is chronic sinusitis? Continue reading “5 Most Common Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms”

Pros and Cons of Sinus Surgery | Nose Specialist

Pros and Cons of Sinus Surgery

Of course, this is not surprising as some doctors tend to promote procedures which are not exactly necessary and even not always useful simply because they wish to earn more money. But it’s not always the case. In most cases, the patients lack the knowledge to make a proper decision whether or not to have a sinus surgery that might or might not help cope with their sinusitis problem. To help you decide whether sinus surgery is a good idea or if it’s something to be avoided, we will provide you with facts about pros and cons of sinus surgery. Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Sinus Surgery | Nose Specialist”

Difference Between Migraine and Sinus Headache Symptoms

Difference Between Migraine and Sinus Headache

When someone starts talking about sinus infections or sinusitis, all listeners usually have an immediate negative reaction because they all know how painful and unpleasant this condition is. Well, maybe except the doctors – some of them might even enjoy discussing this subject. But most of the people aren’t doctors, and most people don’t share the fascination. Instead, they might look upon sinusitis as a topic to avoid or even something they would like to forget. This is all because this condition causes many very painful sinus infections symptoms and is extremely unpleasant. Continue reading “Difference Between Migraine and Sinus Headache Symptoms”