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Best Tips to Avoid Runny Nose and Cold for your Baby

Runny nose and tips to avoid it:

To be happy in his life and feel good in his body, we must take care of ourselves on a daily basis. Healthy eating, having a healthy lifestyle, means ensuring greater longevity and well-being needed to move forward. However, sometimes this is not enough. The disease and disability can come knocking at our door and disrupt our daily while everything was fine.

When there is no cure to heal, we must learn to manage pain. The medical profession often leaves us poor in the face of our health problems, this malaise. The symptoms are hard to describe and it often needs home care. Relatives, too, have trouble understanding when we suffer from a chronic illness. We must then learn to accept that we cannot do as much as others. We must tame this state of weakness, often also manage guilt, and mourn our projects of yesteryear.


When medicine is powerless to heal us, it is tempting to resort to alternative health methods. If these methods certainly not will cure various forms of cancer or serious problems of the heart and its diseases, they can still comfort us, give us the impression of acting instead of feeling powerless.

Skin, teeth, eyesight and hearing, although considered less serious to the health plan, nonetheless have their importance. Feeling pleasant to watch or being able to hear enough to participate in conversations with friends is vital on the social level and to feel integrated.

The human being is complex but also full of resources. When the machine sometimes rips off, a little boost can do wonders.

We have no need to tell you how boring a running nose perhaps, have we? We are always looking for home remedies that can help stop it as runny nose! The last time I’m down with a bad cold, it doesn’t not took me long to use my phone and start Googling to remedies that work! That is what I do? I was comment out all remedies and decided to try them all. Yes, all! I’m a great believer in natural remedies, and success didn’t leave amazed me. Here are the home remedies flowing from the nose, I tried, note them, because they are sure to help you a dark day.

Every winter, it’s the same refrain. They cover themselves with a coat, a scarf, a hat and gloves, and inevitably, after a while, they begin to sniff and want to blow their nose. Whatever we do, we end up catching a cold, because this infection is extremely contagious CURING THE COLD


The common cold, or rhino pharyngitis, is a viral infection, affecting the mucous membranes of the nose, which are inflamed, irritated and secrete an enormous amount of mucus, hence the “blocked nose” and / or “runny nose”. The pharyngeal mucous membrane becomes inflamed and becomes swollen and painful. A mild fever may be present for 2-3 days.

It is a benign but contagious condition, especially in children, because of their immature immune system.
It differs from the flu-like condition which is characterized by fever, body aches and headaches.

Although it is benign, it nevertheless remains very restrictive.




If you suffer from the nose, it is possible that your nasal mucous membranes produce a surplus of mucus that does not escape anymore, thus blocking the nose. Nasal congestion does not necessarily mean a cold. Inflammation of the nasal passages can appear at any time and be difficult to eliminate.


Stuffy nose, if not cured in time, can cause ear infections or sinusitis.


To free your nose, many solutions exist. When it is not a flu, it is quite possible to take care alone. Prefer natural solutions to medications, except in case of more severe inflammation. If in doubt, consult your doctor.


Many people suffer from sinusitis. It is possible to quickly disengage its sinuses thanks to the facial sauna. Moisture and heat induced by steam soothe the inflammation and relieve you quickly. Fill a large bowl with boiling water. You can add a few drops of essential oil of thyme or lavender. Settle down and put your face over the bowl. Do not hesitate to cover your head with a towel for maximum efficiency. The session can last 10 to 15 minutes. Know that a hot shower has the same effect as the facial sauna!


Thyme is a highly recommended plant in case of blocked nose, cold or other. The thyme herbal tea helps to relieve ailments such as colds, flu, chills, angina … It is effective against the common cold and also calms the cough thanks to its antiviral properties.


Natural vitamin C is the right reflex to take! It plays an important role in the metabolism of the human being. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties. It is advisable to take it throughout the year because it helps to strengthen the immune defenses and therefore to avoid any infection or nasal inflammation.


The mucus that obstructs your nasal passages is fluidized thanks to regular hydration. The hot liquid dilutes the secretions. Go for hot drinks regularly during the day.


Eating spicy would promote nasal discharge. A small Mexican restaurant, does that tell you?


Peppermint is recommended for nasal congestion.


Sea water sprays are particularly useful. Their isotonic concentration in sea salt allows them to wash the nasal cavities without irritation ( Physiomer , Physiologica ). They can be used as many times as necessary to clear the nasal cavity.
Their dosage is several times a day, depending on the state of nasal secretions, and should always be used before taking a disinfectant-decongestant nasal spray.
Simply apply a spray into the nostril, then blow your nose, and start again on the other side.


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  • Lengthen the baby on the back or side, and keep your head on the side, to avoid the risk of false road.
  • Gently place the mouthpiece of a physiological saline pod or spray in micro-diffusion ( Physiomer infants ) at the entrance of the highest nostril.
  • Fully insert the contents of the pod or spray into the nostril. At the same time, close the baby’s mouth, so that the serum comes out through the other nostril with the nasal secretions.
  • Wait until the baby has swallowed.
  • Wipe your nose with a disposable handkerchief.

Repeat this for the other nostril.

The mouthpiece of the seawater bottle should always be cleaned with hot water after use and reserved for the child’s personal use.
A baby fly can also be used .


One can pass on sprays of hypertonic sea water ( Physiomer Nose blocked ). Their higher concentration of salt makes it possible to decongest the mucous membranes by osmosis. They are to be used 2 to 3 times a day.

Are there any contraindications to nasal lavage?
As long as we use age-appropriate devices, there are none.


It is necessary to get rid of the microorganisms present in the atmosphere of the house by airing all the rooms of the house, in the morning, for about ten minutes.
During the day, it is advisable to use a cleansing spray with essential oils such as Puressentiel Cleansing 41 essential oils ), the latter having the advantage of being active on a very broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses and helps to clear the nose. They are used at 6 to 8 sprays per day.

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  1. Monsoon season weakens the immune system and prone to diseases like cold cough, fever, and runny nose in Kids. Nice article with an awesome infographic. One can also go with natural home remedies to cure runny nose and cold. Sterilized milk, use of honey, ginger etc. are some important things that help in boosting immune and resisting germs from entering child’s’ body. Thank you for the tips.

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