Types of Eye Twitching, Irritation & their natural Home remedies

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An infection of the eye is caused by different types of problems. While eye irritation may be due to several reasons, there are common reasons, such as infection due to bacteria, viruses or the presence of a foreign body. People wearing contact lenses are more prone to eye infections due to the presence of bacteria. Some of […]

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Super-foods to help us get through the winter

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There are not only drugs in life! Discover quickly 6 foods that want us well. Unusual or trivial, they take care of our health… “Let your food be your medicine!” “Hippocrates was right: our kitchen is a veritable medicine cabinet. While some natural products can send emergency (we obviously think some mushrooms …), others do not want us as well: the “superfood” […]

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The grandmother remedy for asthma, bronchitis, coughs and lung disease

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Regardless of lung disease or respiratory problem that we have, it is still important to see a doctor regularly because if the problem is not treated, it could trigger serious consequences which can even lead to death. In addition to this, it is very important to adopt healthy habits that help clean the lungs in […]

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