Cure a Cold Naturally with these Natural Remedies

It’s official: the cursed period of winter viruses is back, and you’ve surely already seen many packets of tissues around you.

Basic viral colds do not really have a medical solution, apart from rest and possibly decongestants (for 3 days max under pain of irritation of the mucosa), or analgesics / antipyretics (against fever) like paracetamol, Which relieve the most unpleasant symptoms punctually. The “anti-colds” treatments, for their part, are not necessarily recommendable .

However, there are effective and natural ways to help his body fight against the invader, and as you probably know, I am personally a great adept.

Some may remember a more general article that I had dedicated last year to my natural tricks to boost immunity in winter . These are always perfectly valid, and I am delighted with their efficiency, combined with a healthy lifestyle: I was only sick once in March, and a little at the very end of December.

I wanted to add a special focus on the treatment of a cold when it is already declared, with some new features. I have indeed succumbed to a kind of small flu last week, and applied the tips I present below. The result was very satisfactory, since the virus has not only remained fairly aggressive (I had only one bad day), but in addition, it left very quickly. I was very happy with this battle, and I wanted to share with you the program I have applied.

Of course, the effect of these natural remedies will not be the same depending on the state of your immune system (hence the need to support it with the tricks cited above!) Or if your lifestyle (diet, sleep , Stress …) does not suit you. But they will only bring you a little reinforcement, so you lose nothing to try them, and I hope they will help you.

Caution : if your symptoms do not improve after 3 days, including persistent fever, do not hesitate to go to a doctor to find a suitable treatment and not risk missing a pathology -jacente.

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Lemon juice, ginger and cinnamon

The traditional lemon-honey of our grandmothers is a well known remedy for sore throats, and for good reason: lemon vitamin C supports the immune system, its flavonoids soothe inflammation, and honey brings its antiseptic properties .

What is less known is that consuming lemon at the first signs of cooling can stop the virus. The ideal is to mix fresh lemon juice with cinnamon (highly anti-infectious) and ginger (stimulant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral) in hot water, to infuse, and to consume If necessary several times a day from the very beginning of the symptoms.

As for honey, it is important to privilege dark and raw honeys (bios), which are richer in antiseptic molecules and especially much less rich in glucose (they contain rather fructose) – try for example thyme honey , Or manuka honey. If you use a very clear honey of poor quality, you can create an inflammatory reaction by stimulating the production of insulin, which is an ideal ground for infections …

My Cold Herbal Tea

I presented you a couple of weeks ago my herbal blend for a cold herbal tea, which I used well during those bad days. I have chosen to include plants whose properties complement each other. All three are good antivirals, but each also brings a small additional benefit: thyme calms possible coughs and stimulates the body, the agrimony fights the fever naturally without completely canceling its effects (a slight increase in temperature, as long as It is supportable in adults, helps eliminate the virus!), And elderberry soothes the respiratory tract. If you do not have the opportunity to prepare this mixture, drink at least regularly thyme (fresh, it’s even better) infusion during the day.

Essential oils

Inhalation and spread

As far as I’m concerned, no cold without inhalation! I put 4-5 drops of antiseptic and decongestant essential oils in a bowl of boiling water, then I lean over it and breathe steam (even if it’s piquant) under a towel for a few minutes. The nose emerges, and above all, the warm air filled with antiseptic molecules disinfects the organism; This is very effective!

The novelty, for me, is to have added marjoram to shells in my usual mixture (true lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, ravintsara). It was a subscriber who reminded her of my good memory of Instagram – I had indeed noted her as an ally of the respiratory tract in My Bible of essential oils without ever having tested it – and now I will know how to make good use of it , In addition to its calming properties.

I also use the same type of essences in my diffuser, in order to clean the ambient air and to make them penetrate also by olfactory way in my organism.


In my family, at each risk of starting a cold or other infection, one swallow one or two drops of essential oil of ravintsara (a very powerful antiviral), alone or on a spoon of honey, which I continue to do.

But I also discovered the throat lozenges with essential oils (in this case Phytosun *), that it is simply a matter of letting it melt in the mouth, and I find that this is a practical option For those who do not yet master the small flasks, as much in prevention as to disinfect an already painful throat.

Attention, however, all essential oils can not be ingested, so do not improvise without having been informed before.

Dermal application

When I take chest, nose, etc … during a cold episode, I generally get mixed with lavender and ravintsara, possibly diluted in a little vegetable oil, in order to penetrate the active ingredients by the dermal route .

In case of headaches and fever, I also use essences, but this time to relieve my symptoms, especially of the essential oil of peppermint, which refreshes the temples like a balm of the tiger I do not use since I read his composition, always stuffed with paraffin).

Be careful: you can not apply any essential oil to your skin, so find out.

Lastly, I also relieved the head-sensation under pressure related to my fever by passing a roll-on of essential oils all made (that of Phytosun *, still) on my temples, and it was hyper efficient , thanks to The fresh effect of course, but also to the small massage of the ball. I recommend !

A very good guide on the subject

If you feel the need to have a reference guide for all the natural remedies related to the family’s little ills, I can only recommend Dr Jean-Christophe Charrié’s book for the whole year , or In special autumn-winter version as shown above.

This general practitioner trained in clinical phytotherapy has the wisdom to take into account the organism as a whole and not to confine itself to pure and hard Western medicine when more natural solutions exist; I love his spirit and his very concrete advice is a gold mine!


Are you adept at natural cold remedies? Which ? 
If not, are you interested in this topic?

* I have received the products marked with an asterisk for free in press releases.


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