Prevention and Treatment of Sinus infection | Types and Factors

sinus infection

Most people are not able to differentiate between common colds and a sinus infection. Sinus infection occurs when the sinus openings become swollen as a result of fungal or bacterial infections. Sinuses are the air spaces found in the skull along the nasal cavity. They are lined with mucus membranes that permit air circulation in the […]

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Healthy ways to Get rid of Cold and Flu: 100% Working Tips

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A cold is probably not very serious, but having a cold for 5 to 8 days, which usually lasts the cold, is really painful. At first we have a sore throat, then we sneeze, then the nose begins to run, and fills with bad luck, feels feverish, awkward and especially tired. And then we cough. Your nose sinks, your nose is clogged? Do you have trouble sleeping or breathing? You sneeze constantly? You have a cold! A […]

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